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Real-Time Collaboration Benefits
Software Development Efficiency and Productivity Boost

Improving Collaboration capabilities for your Team boost Efficiency and Productivity.

wave-vs Software will open to your Team new ways to interact, like Validate Implementation "in-place", guide other Developers "Real-Time" or just "Code Review and Co-Annotate" wiht others.

wave-vs creates a continuous Quality Control "dynamic effect" on all Development phases, reduce problems found in the end of each iteration and save you time and money.

Free your Teams from Knowledge Transfer Problem

Teaching Technical stuff to Teams is complicate, additionally, if they are thousand of miles away is just expensive, and, even if they are "next door" you will use a blackboard.

wave-vs eliminates burden on Technical Knowledge Transfer as Developers can Join "Real-Time Teaching Sessions on-demand".

A Trainer shows how to Implement everything while Developers can interact Real-Time.

When Session Finish, a Developer can contact Trainer using wave-vs, at any time to discuss or just solve doubts.

Eliminate Software Inconsistencies Faster

Get time from who owns the Knowledge is complex, mainly because the Knowledege Owner need to stop own tasks to help others.

With wave-vs Knowledge Owner can Support Developerps from his own desk. Support tasks usually taking minutes will be solved just in seconds.

wave-vs eliminate Support Problems, as, instead to try to explain the context and what you try to do, you can Share your code, discuss and do all required modifications "in-place".

Support process, sometime require other People to participate, like a 2nd Level Support Developer, why not just Invite 2nd Level to Join Current Collaboration Session?

"Four people of the team are coming back to their local countries and working on distance is not always evident.

On the first iteration on which we had people back home, we had an estimation of 40 points and we've ended the iteration with a measured effort of 4.

In face of these signs you can imagine that everything we can do to improve productivity is welcome.

The rest is also a matter of mind shift, since not everyone is used to work on distance and with a constantly changing context..."

Eduardo Ribeiro
Scrum Product Owner
Deco Proteste Platform supports all above Use Cases for Visual Studio(tm) 2010, supports Main .Net Languages and Project Systems and enable Visual Studio(tm) for Distributed Pair Programming & Collaboration within Development Teams.

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